third year

fall 2018 - spring 2019

notebook, junior year

important reading:
map pointz: a collective memory by guadalupe rosales
- my life and my life in the nineties by lyn hejinian
- decolonizing library science by kalani adolpho
- all about love by bell hooks

- jack halberstam
- @queer_reads_library
- against equality: queer revolution: not mere inclusion
- a nation at risk: the full account
- i’m taking this opportunity to feel some holes in addition to filling them: a conversation between frances stark and raymond pettibon
- my birth by carmen winant
- eileen myles
- this article on dorothy porter
- annie sollinger
- palaces for the people 99% invisible episode with eric klinenberg

- nonsensical device documentation in the godine gallery
- the film bell hooks: cultural criticism & transformation

explored quitting, gender, event planning, poetry, family dyanmics, pedagogy, literacy, food, and archiving
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